How does the saying go “one mans junk is another mans treasure” Well we all know how easy it is to accumulate “junk”. Its seems that the more you stay in one place the more you accumulate. Unless you plan on having garage sale once a year, you’ve got to have an alternative.

Queens storage New York rentals when born with the thought that we all accumulate stuff over time. In the following we are going to take a look at what we can do to make the experience as organized and easy as possible.

1) Lets check out our local area ( I found the internet to be a great source) to find out what storage rental units are in our area. Once we have done this we need to do some investigating to see what our options are.

2) The storage rental business is very competitive. Because it’s so competitive, there are many good incentives. Some these incentives may include free locks, one or two free months rent and even a free truck to help move you in. Some may even use a combination of all three as a bonus for signing up.

3) Pick a unit that is readily available yet out of the way of your neighboring tenets. At this point you will need to fill out paperwork necessary to rent you unit. Be patient at this point as the paperwork process can be quite arduous. I usually bring my wife with me as she is much more patients for this process.

4) Now it’s time to determine what size unit you will need. Take some time in this area as the cost of units go up with size. Question is, do I really need this item. When I had to move I always used the theory of “have I used this item in two years” If the answer was no then it was off to the Good Will, trash or whatever rightful place it deserved. Once you’ve cut down the number items, it’s time to pick your unit.

5) Storage units come in various sizes but the most common sizes are 10 X 10 and 10 X 20. These units look decent in size until you start putting things inside. This is when the unit starts to shrink and quickly. Planning and organization are essential to getting the most out of your storage unit.

6) We have been stressing organization and planning for good reason but also we stress protection of your goods. Wal-Mart sell sells big plastic Tupperware style bins that seal which will protect your items form mice and rats. Once you have properly bagged or boxed your items take care to place your most expensive and precious items in the back. The reasoning for this is that someone manages to get into your unit your most cherished items will be hard to get to.

7) Your final decision on your storage unit is security. Take time in considering what you will need to do to insure your valuables are kept safe. Most storage facilities do not provide insurance necessary to protect your contents. However they usually will provide you with an outside source that can provide you with the necessary insurance to protect your contents. Also try to pick a
unit a close to the office in a well lit area. I have also found that the locks carried by your rental facility are more than adequate and are usually offered at a decent price.

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